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Notes and Beats

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From Leah Hartman


 This summer, we look forward to a lot of fun with many different kinds of music. On July 5, take the opportunity to hear some sitar music at the Sunday services, as Rev. Steve and David Lindenfeld explore Hindu philosophy.


On July 19, you just might have a chance to enjoy some off-season Christmas carols at the Sunday services.


The gospel choir will begin their four weeks of rehearsals on

Wednesday, July 8 at 6:30pm, and the gospel service will be on Sunday, August 2. Take advantage of this chance to work with our own Marie Flowers, the fantastic gospel choir director.


And, looking ahead, if you’d like to join the adult choir, rehearsals with choral director Trey Davis start on August 5. If you haven’t sung with us before, and you’re interested, please email Leah at


Remember a loved one or commemorate an important moment in your life by contributing flowers to the Sunday services. You can sign up at the congregational care table each Sunday. There are several dates open for August and September.