Group - Branches

Branches groups began as an offshoot of the Roots class, taught by our ministers. Branches groups, which meet monthly for two hours, average 10-12 members and are led by laypersons. They provide a way for newcomers to form deeper relationships and to feel a sense of belonging. But Branches groups have also helped long-time church members to experience the structure in which members minister to one another. Personal growth, spiritual exploration and deep relationships have resulted.


               * A focus group

               * A therapy group

               * Just a social group

               * Religious education group



               * Developing right relations

               * Growing spiritually

               * Ministering to one another

               * Building community

               * Participating in service opportunities in the church


There is no heavy homework; the subject matter is the members' lives.  No one is forced to share beyond his/her comfort level. If you would like to participate in this rewarding program, sign up on Sunday morning or contact Suzanne Besse  .