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Post date: May 31st 2017

by The Reverend Nathan A. Ryan

Some somewhat unrelated things to think about: 

Post date: May 3rd 2017

When Rev. Beth Williams announced her retirement as our Director of Religious Education, we hoped we could find a professional who could continue her work. I feared, however, it would be hard for religious professionals to understand the opportunity this position provides.

Post date: Apr 2nd 2017

    You might not be able to see it anymore. The scars may not be visible. You may not think there is anything else to talk about regarding this past summer.

Post date: Mar 1st 2017

    A spiritual practice doesn’t have to be hard, but, then again, maybe it shouldn’t be easy. I think of spiritual practices much like exercising. It’s not that riding a bike or lifting weights is particularly hard or easy for me. Its impact comes from the commitment to do it.

Post date: Jan 26th 2017

  “Winds be still. Storm clouds pass and silence come. Peace grace this time with harmony. Fly, bird of hope, and shine, light of love, and in calm let us all find tranquility.”

Post date: Dec 29th 2016

       Every year I get excited when the pelicans show up at the university lakes (so excited that I wrote about it last month).

Post date: Nov 22nd 2016

    I wonder if the pelicans know what's happened here. I wonder if they didn't land in the lake because it was so dry. I wonder if they knew that while we may be in a drought, it's actually a respite from the devastation of this summer's rain.

Post date: Oct 28th 2016

      The crisis is over, but the crisis isn’t over.

Post date: Sep 27th 2016

     This summer has been very rough on a lot of people.

Post date: Aug 25th 2016

      I’ve been promising people that our terrible summer is over soon. I promised that after Alton Sterling was shot. Then I promised it after Brad Garafola, Matthew Gerald and Montrell Jackson were killed along with Gavin Long.