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Music Notes

Post date: Aug 26th 2014


 On Sunday, November 2, All Souls Day, at 6:00 pm, the Choir of the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge will perform the Requiem composed by Clif Hardin. 

Post date: Jul 29th 2014

 August is a month of wrapping up the summer activities and setting agendas for the coming fall season.   One of my most important summer activities has been the conference for the Unitarian Universalist Musician’s Network.   This summer the UUMN met in

Post date: Jun 27th 2014

July 16 is the first rehearsal for the 2014 Gospel Choir.

Post date: May 28th 2014

 Throughout the year, the choir sings anthems of many different styles.  Each is holy in its own way.  For our Music Sunday, the choir sings their favorite six anthems from this past year.

Post date: May 1st 2014

On May 4, we will hear Sabrina King and Alan Berteau singing and playing guitars for both services.


Post date: Mar 26th 2014

Easter Sunday is a wonderful Sunday for music in our church.   This year we hear a string trio from LSU playing Prelude, Offertory, and Flower Distribution music for our services.  

Post date: Feb 25th 2014

It is March, and perhaps the ice and cold are history for this year.  It did give us some winter excitement and maybe even an idea of how it is to live in the colder climates.  Empathy aside, I am ready to see azaleas, red bud trees, and green grass. 

Post date: Jan 31st 2014

Introducing the Usher Corps   Beginning in March, our ushering work will have a new look and a defined purpose.  As our church grows, we see the need for committed ushers who will rotate through a two-month schedule.

Post date: Dec 20th 2013


Post date: Nov 26th 2013

The second service for Healing Mind, Body and Spirit was held in November and a third service is planned for December 8.  We had small gatherings, but the participants seem to appreciate the quiet service.   I had a number of comments about the effects